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PostSubject: Gamer Tag jesse6402   Gamer Tag jesse6402 Icon_minitimeMon Feb 13, 2012 1:53 pm

1. In game name: jesse6402
2. Age: Twenty-eight
3. Tell us how you found us?
I believe I was just searching for a local server to play on and the title Strength and Honor caught my attention. Then I read in the in-game text box some of the rules and I felt that they were understandable/reasonable rules to abide by. At one point I was invited to join TS by ironman and it all took off from there.
4. What did you find most appealing about Strength & Honor?
First it was the fact that, for the most part lol, everyone seemed to be/have a mature nature about themselves. Then it was the friendliness of the members that I had been meeting, as well as the characteristic of listening and going out of their way for someone who wasn’t a member, just known as a regular frequenter of the server such as myself. Finally, it’s the COC that is posted in the communities website that I also felt was great guidelines for the communities’ members to abide by.
5. What other gaming names have you had and what were they? N/A
6. Time you normally play?
Well this could vary b/c I am currently searching for employment, but at the moment I usually play as early as noon central time to early a.m. depending on bodies demand for sleep.
7. What experiences have you had with other clans/communities?
None, this is the first community that I have ever had this much interaction with. The only interaction, if you consider this being, is playing on other community/clan servers to which the interactions were either just playing with/against members and the occasional communication through in-game text box.
8. Why did you leave your last clan/community? N/A
9. Would you be able to make at least one meeting a month?
As of right now, yes. If and when I become employed it will depend on work schedule.
10. Are you able to check the forums frequently to stay updated on current events?
11. Do you enjoy team play? If so what does it mean to you?
Team play is the reason I am into online gaming. Any of the FPS’s that I play online, either on my XBOX 360 or PC, that are competitive or cooperative, I always prefer to play with a friend/friends. Friends in this sense meaning online personalities to which I share common interests with whether it’s the specific game we’re engaged in at the time or interests beyond the game/games themselves. So what it means to enjoy team play to me is the fact that we’re in it together, working towards a common goal, and watching one another’s back as much as possible. Basically it’s believing that the player/players next to me have our best interest in mind as much as I do, and not just out for themselves.
12. Do you cry or complain every time you die?
No, lol, what would be the point. Look at my K/D on BF3. If I did so I would lose my voice, lol.
13. Do you have a working mic for TeamSpeak?
14. Have you read and are willing to comply with our Code of Conduct?
Yes, and every once in a while I read over it again.
15. Would you consider yourself a “talker”?
This is a very open ended question in itself. What one person may consider a “talker” could completely differ from what another may consider a “talker”. I contribute to conversation focused around gameplay at the time; however, if someone brings up a topic to which I have knowledge of, or an opinion about, I may also chime in on the conversation.
16. Do you consider yourself a competitive or more laid back player?
It depends, more often than not I am laid back, but every once in a while the competitive bug may bite me.
17. Do you have a job, or go to school?
No job at this point in time. School, not at this point in time either but very likely before summer is here.
18. Besides PC gaming, do you have any other real life hobbies?
Well, gaming is the only hobby I can afford at the moment. Otherwise, yes I like to build and modify vehicles. I like off-roading. Don’t personally own any guns, but like them and if offered the chance to go to the shooting range I never turn it down. I’m also into archery, and hope to have my first recurve or long bow very soon. My family, as I have two boys that are two and seven years of age. So, when weather permits, we like to get outside and play. The seven year old is into little league baseball so we get out practicing that as well. I guess you could count science, technology, and advanced mathematics as a hobby as well, as I enjoy learning and practicing them. I watch a lot of science channel programs, such as the Universe series and Through the Wormhole w/Morgan Freeman. When I can find programs covering up to date technological advance and technology associated with/or applying to Space and Military advances. I read up on science and technology based articles when I can. I also follow the Ancient Alien/Astronaut Hypothesis as well, and frequently watch the series Ancient Aliens on History Channel. I also am into studying/learning about other cultures and societies around the world and from ancient times, as well as monoliths and structures created by the ancient peoples.

19. Is there anything else about yourself that you feel we should know?
If at times it seems that I do talk or seem to spend a lot of time trying to explain things in my own words it is due to the fact that I am ADD/ADHD and there’s a high probability that I also have Asperger’s syndrome, which is a development disorder related to the autistic spectrum, but at a much higher level of functioning. Unlike those with autism, those who have Asperger’s syndrome generally learn the same way average people do, learning to speak at a young age and eventually attending school in the same classes and at the same age of their peers. Like autism however, those with Asperger’s syndrome may have trouble understanding social or communication skills. This often results in being viewed as ‘weird’ by those around them who aren’t familiar with the disorder. Asperger’s syndrome is typically diagnosed at an early age, but because those who have it are on the higher functioning end of the autism scale, it can go undiagnosed well into adulthood. This has been especially common in the past when the disorder wasn’t as well known and understood as it has become in recent years. Similar to autism, there is no cure and the exact cause of the disorder is unknown, however, it is possible to manage the symptoms, including clumsiness, obsessive routines, and sensitivity to environment changes. This is done with behavioral therapy, resulting in many adults with Asperger’s syndrome appearing mostly ‘normal’ with the exception of lack of social skills.
The lack of social skills doesn’t mean that all adults with Asperger’s appear rude, but rather they have trouble understanding social cues. For example, it’s not uncommon for those with Asperger’s syndrome to share a deep passion for something, whether it be horses or molecules. They may want to talk about this passion constantly, despite the listener growing visibly annoyed. This is because they don’t understand that sighing or looking at a watch means the listener is uninterested. Due to this extreme passion, many adults with Asperger’s syndrome end up excelling in careers involving their interest. It’s not uncommon for adults with Asperger’s to become CEO’s or other high ranking positions, because unlike other employees, they don’t spend their time socializing with others, but rather learning as much as humanly possible about their passion.

20. Why should we make you part of our {S&H} family?
I think the main reason I should be considered for induction into the family is that I will certainly bring something new and unique to the group. I have been considered by my peers through the years as a very distinct individual that is unlike anyone they know and often always remember. While I know not everyone will get along with everyone else, and that just like roommates or family, we may even have a tendency to get on each other’s nerves occasionally, I am all about communication and when there is an issue that needs to be addressed in regards to myself, I welcome an approach by whatever parties may feel offended or bothered by it. I know the post just above this is quite long, but I did so with hopes that whomever it may concern might have a better understanding as to the way I am. Although, I am still waiting for DNA testing to confirm that I have Asperger’s, all other test completed by family members and close friends that grew up by my side support it, as well as my behavior’s extra-circularly and academically. That being said, as an adult I have become very considerate of others and try not to be irritating/annoying but as mentioned above, especially through microphones, I don’t always pick up on social cues from others so if that has ever been a problem or issue to any S&H member, I do apologize.
Thanks for your time,

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PostSubject: Re: Gamer Tag jesse6402   Gamer Tag jesse6402 Icon_minitimeWed Feb 15, 2012 11:16 am

I played with him a couple of days. He is a good feller. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Gamer Tag jesse6402   Gamer Tag jesse6402 Icon_minitimeWed Feb 15, 2012 11:30 am

I vote for him, he's a good player
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PostSubject: Re: Gamer Tag jesse6402   Gamer Tag jesse6402 Icon_minitimeWed Feb 15, 2012 4:30 pm

He's a good guy, like playing with him. Works exceptionally well in a team.
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PostSubject: Re: Gamer Tag jesse6402   Gamer Tag jesse6402 Icon_minitime

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