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 next bf4 patch

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PostSubject: next bf4 patch   Thu Jan 09, 2014 3:30 pm


* * * THE BIG BF4 BUG LIST * * *


1 -Laser point on walls persisting after death.
2 -Reload animation bugs.
3 -Unable to knife certain soldiers using certain equipment or in certain locations of maps.
4 - Unable to revive friendly player with defibrillator.
5 - Friendly players "sink" through floors, effecting revival - not linked with #4.
6 - Micro-stutter on the CPU at low frame rates (unless capped).
7 -Whipping sniper rifle sounds at short ranges or when DMRs are used.
8 - Ability to crawl though the ground on Zavod-311.
9 - RPG loaded but out of ammo.
10 - ALT+TAB causes hit-boxes to de-align from models for a short time.
11 - Ping not displaying in the server browser / in game.
12 - Revive message not removing after a respawn until a certain action is performed.
13 - LOW = ULTRA in some settings in the options menu.
14 - Hit marker showing from random location if shot hits after you kill someone.
15 - Med Pack animation bug (sometimes no animation).
16 - RPG & other launchers showing firing animation but no shot made (possible network issue).
17 - Repeatedly clicking shortly before a reload animation is complete will fire a 'silent' rocket.
18 - Crouch bug (players appear crouched with no transitional animation).
19 - Corpse stuttering/wiggling.
20 - In game camouflage and attachments not saving.
21 - Vehicle Free-Look not working in any vehicle unless you cycle between view positions.
22 - Spawning with no weapon model loaded (delayed loading).
23 - Infrared sights not having the effect on respawn.
24 - Quick Q-Tap not requesting ride / med-pack / ammunition, if it is needed/available.
25 - Forward movement key (W) input randomly stops working.
26 - Getting stuck on shallow objects unless sprinting.
27 - Invisible walls you cannot shoot through or around objects like rocks and destruction/debris (poor hit-box trimming).
28 - Falling off of a roof during death only to be revived and then appear on the roof.
29 - Catapulted 15ft in the air when vaulting over obstacles.
30 - No hit marker on some kills.
31 - Rag dolls getting stuck in objects/walls.
32 - Spotting through many solid objects.
33 – Sinking or being absorbed into friendly vehicles when driven into on FF off servers.
34 - Dead bodies standing/crouching.
35 - Vault animation stuttering (possible network issue).
36 - Bullet spread not reset if the fire button was held down during reload.
37 - Hip fire spread remains if switching to ADS without releasing the fire button.
38 - Grenade indicator remaining after explosion.
39 - Friendly smoke indicator not disappearing after it is deployed.
40 - Grenade indicator not showing on certain occasions on core mode.
41 - Weapon sounds sometimes not audible - even at close range (not supressed).
42 - Vault animation sometimes occurs when going prone.
43 - Killed in action when leaving friendly transport in FF off servers.
44 - One shot kills still persist.
45 - Falling through the map if knifing someone who is prone under a ledge.
46 - Crash when respawning at the same time as being revived.
47 - Kill cam not showing enemy after death.
48 - Taking no damage from Claymore (possible network issue).
49 - Taking no damage from a fall / Inconsistent fall damage (possible network issue).
50 - XP for ribbons sometimes not earned at the end of a game.
51 - T bound gadget box (HUD) at the bottom (centre) of the screen is missing gadget icons - i.e. laser toggle icon / magnifier toggle icon / canted ironsight toggle icon / etc.
52 - Lock-on sound with launchers is inconsistent.
53 - Stutter while turning with the parachute.
54 - Not able to select attack / defend point as a squad leader in certain circumstances.
55 - Unable to spawn on squad members who are alive.
56 - Spawning off the edge of a roof when a friendly is on a roof.
57 - Grenades get stuck in trees or other objects - floating grenades.
58 - No points for certain rocket hits on helicopters.
59 - 100% kill assists still persist.
60 - Getting stuck on the geometry of small objects (low height objects - common bug since the beginning of BF).
61 - Crosshair sometimes doesn't load.
62 - Allies not having names or colours displayed above their heads.
64 - Large delay showing friendly icons/names in hardcore.
65 - At the end of a round if you are in an helicopter or jet you crash, get killed and the death counts on the scoreboard.
66 - Long map loading times.
67 - Delay in environment coming into view when spawning (black screen).
68 - Memory leaks for certain hardware / OS combinations (Fixed?)
69 - Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) ammo box blocks 1st person view in MBT (Main Battle Tank).
70. Canister shell has same reticule as tank shell.
71 - Hit detection / dying behind walls (still a problem post Dec 20th 2013 patch - network issue).
72 - Cant see load out when switching weapons from Commander supply drop.
73 - Commander sometimes not awarded points.
74 - Anti-Tank mine spot marker persists after explosion.
75 - Unaided spotting range for mines and soldiers being unrealistically far.
76 - Vehicle collision physics sometime result in one player exploding whilst the other does not, or both players "bouncing" off one an other.
77 - C4 kills not counting as Support class kills.
78 - Connection problems when two or more people from within the same network want to join the same server at the same time.
79 - Unable to lean/peak from surfaces after being revived.
80 - Vehicles "wobble" / unstable when parked on or in small ground ditches created by explosions.
81 - Attempting to reload immediately prior to diving in shallow water, will sometimes prevent the primary weapon from being reloaded after surfacing the water.
82 - Very slow firing .44 and 357 Magnum.
83 - Orbital AA missiles (repeatedly going in circles).
84 - Unable to shoot through grates or stairs with large gaps (poor collision/hit box trimming).
85 – Non-ADS FOV reflected in ADS FOV – BF3 had a SET ADS FOV.
86 - Poor performance for some players which is not related to hardware or drivers.
87 - Inconsistent footstep sounds.
88 - Sniper vapour-trail not reflecting bullet curve (minor visual issue / technicality).
89 - Jet flare deploy key binding not reflecting new key bind setting (X always deploys flares).
90 - Balance issue or not, the L85A2 does not have a Rate of Fire of 800. It is 650rpm.
91 - Dragon Pass mountain tops not trimmed properly - soldiers float on invisible rock formations or sink through surfaces (most noticeable at D, near bomber).
92 - Anti-Tank mines distance related detail fade renders low quality AT mines at close range (blocky/pyramid mines).
93 - The stinger missile pods on the US scout chopper have no texture.
94 - The China scout chopper wreckage when destroyed has no texture on the inside of the cabin, it is instead applied onto one of the gun pods wreckage.
95 - Loadout screen for some can cause unnecessarily high GPU load.
96 - Foliage movement when player comes into contact has not worked since first patch.
97 - On hardcore, the mortar, JDAM and mobile AA truck have no aiming reticule.
98 - The grenade launcher when attached to the under-barrel sometimes results in a missing aiming reticule.
99 - Delay in warning system for inbound missiles.
100 - Delay for deploy of Flares and/or ECM.
101 - Excessively long flare reload times.
102 - Naval vehicles / amphibious vehicles and Jetskis will dive under waves, which will sometimes flip the vehicle upside down.
103 - Amphibious vehicles flipped by waves will crash upside down to the sea-bed. They are then drivable on the sea floor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nylpW37BoPU [youtube.com]
104 - Floating Parrots on Paracel Storm.
105 - Very small/limited Airspace on many maps.
106 - Jumping off of an aircraft carrier into water will sometimes result in instantaneous death.
107 – Light touch impacts/collisions from enemy vehicles, will sometimes instantly kill the player.
108 - EOD bot makes almost no noise at all.
109 - EOD bot can insta-kill players on collision, just like the MAV and SUAV.
110 - Killed by "collapsing" building before it actually collapses (i.e. Siege of Shanghai roof, or 2nd floor of buildings on Zavod-311, among many others).
111 - Random "Killed in Action" instances with no known trigger – rare.
112 - Hitting/destroying/shooting an object that then emits fire will result in hit markers showing on your screen whenever it does damage to enemy players.
113 - Unable to climb over many objects during vault animation (vault failure).
114 - Vault animation not triggering at all on many objects.
115 - Crashes on map change (Fixed?)
116 - Destroying a vehicle / equipment with a repair tool, results in death due to the resulting explosion (bug or feature?).
117 - IRNV scopes sometimes lose their IR effect.
118 - Sniper scopes zoom in reverse - everything is zoomed out making things tiny.
119 – Sniper scopes blurry for no apparent reason.
120 - Bollards on S.o.S, Altai and other maps will sometimes block vehicles even if they are already lowered.
121 - If you fire a rocket / projectile and die while it still travels its path, any damage is negated to whatever vehicle or enemy it may have hit.
122 - AC-130 / Bomber reticules zoomed out or skewed slightly to one side of the screen - common occurence on other vehicles. Attack boats included.
123 - Supplies sinking through the ground.
124 - Previous deathscreen comes up during new spawn to block player view (rare).
125 - Voice-overs not reflecting currently selected V.O language in settings (BFBC2 bug carried over to BF4) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lwGN69tt8k&feature=c4-overview&list=UUPjMBBU3nMuC8qjifCfy4Og [youtube.com] - Seen by Gustav Halling (@gustavhalling).
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Posts : 78
Join date : 2011-09-08

PostSubject: Re: next bf4 patch   Thu Jan 09, 2014 3:31 pm

* * * CONTINUATION * * *

126 - Mortar aim not aiming correctly in response to mouse movements - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ee4yYVUzxFg [youtube.com] – Looping aiming.
127 - *** GAME/BUG-RELATED PACKET LOSS IN MULTIPLAYER *** - Inconsistent between servers and their performance - though packet loss was not noticeable or at least was very minor prior to the latest client and server patches (Approx Dec 20th 2013). ***
128 - Clicking QUIT at the end of a game, sometimes causes the functionality of YES / NO confirmation boxes to fail. Pressing Esc twice instead allows you to click Yes afterwards.
129 - Collisions with boxes, barrels or random debris causes vehicle to shake/vibrant violently. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cV3IhX5P6Q8&feature=c4-overview&list=UUPjMBBU3nMuC8qjifCfy4Og [youtube.com] – different issue to descruction based vehicle / land interaction.
130 - Man on Fire dog tag blurs/darkens name on Soldier's Premium Tag - https://i.imgur.com/q2MZiXt.jpg [i.imgur.com]
131 - Supply Crates and Quad Bikes from Commander will sometimes stop / float in mid air - rendering them useless - https://youtu.be/IFfmppSfjYk [youtu.be]
132 - XP boosts sometimes fail to activate when clicked on - https://youtu.be/NxiT1dtXvhI [youtu.be]
133 - China Rising Assignments that have been unlocked, still show themselves in progress.
134 - Long map load times.
135 - Warm-up timer at the start of a new game is too short, with some players joining after the first 2 flags of Conquest Large are taken (undeniably related to long map load times for some users).
136 - Delay in sounds being loaded at the start of a round (i.e. vehicle sounds not present whilst driving/flying from spawn).
137 - Some users still reporting Direct-X device hung error.
138 - Invisible fire patches in many places on Hainan Resort and in some other maps.
140 - Tapping reload whilst Aiming Down Sights (ADS) in a DMR won't do anything, unlike other weapons where you are removed from ADS and forced to reload.
141 - When the character model is cramped into a tight space, instant KIA may occur.
142 – Joining/loading a map too quickly will cause vehicle collisions/physics to go crazy. Driving behaves as if you're ramming into other vehicles or hitting road-bumps, etc when not actually coming into contact with anything.
143 - Some graphic settings not changing at all for some players.
144 - Invisible barrier / poor trimming on pipe/chimney adjacent to the pipe that leads underground on Zavod-311, blocks player movement.
145 - Destroyed Chimney between C/D on Zavod-311 has foliage growing through the pipe, which leads underground. The foliage blocks grenades.
146 - Mutual deaths still persist.
147 - Invisible walls in corridor of C on Operation Locker.
148 - Aiming/automatically deploying bipod whilst on a steep incline with a Sniper Rifle, will automatically make the player lay down or crouch if the player was first crouched or lying down.
149 - No reloading sound for some players using the MP443.
150 -Tiered reloading is not applied to the RPK-74M - i.e. a magazine is pulled out for reload, but then the gun is switched to a secondary firearm - upon re-equipping the RPK-74M, the magazine is removed a second time.
151 - Spawning in the pilot seat of a helicopter may sometimes invert the field of view, making the 1st person interior view of the helicopter and the surrounding scenery outside appear very far away.
152 - Some users who select multiple XP boosts, only receive a boost to the equivalent of the last XP boost applied.
153 - China Rising assignments cannot be completed since last patch (Dec 20th 2013 - this does not appear to be linked with persistently displayed completed assignments).
154 - Hitbox de-synchronisation still seems to persist.
155 - Spawning on a squad mate will sometimes cause you to fall through the floor in certain areas of certain maps.
156 - Spawning on a squad mate will sometimes cause you to spawn inside a inaccessible building.
157 - Destruction / Collapsing of one or either side of the central building in Hainan Resort results in extreme FPS drops.
158 - The magnifier (2x) can sometimes be used over larger scopes when it should instead be incompatible. This results in the magnifier being flicked through the larger scope (merging scopes).
159 - HUD size changes fail to apply permanently - usually resetting after death or return to the main menu / game restart.
160 - Duplicate HUDs may occur when applying HUD size changes.
161 - Server chat lag is a common issue.
162 - Screen shake / ground tremor effect sometimes persists after a building has finished collapsing - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADFf2AWxPIM [youtube.com]
163 - Grenades sometimes fail to explode (rare).

* * * BATTLELOG BUGS * * *

1 - Battlelog not always saving player load-outs.
2 - Ribbons and Dog-Tags not unlocking in Battlelog.
3 - Server browser sometimes doesn't remember settings.
4 - Battlelog loads a small list of servers. To get extra servers players must drag down endlessly to ping/load more servers to the list.
5 - History tab on Battlelog sometimes not showing games.
6 - Unable to Connect to Game.
7 - Battlelog reporting incorrect player numbers in servers (may be linked to Battlelog-issue #6)
8 - Unending "Loading..." when many favourite servers have been added.
9 - Delay between Battlelog reports and servers. Therefore, unlocks will unlock at a later time or date.
10 - "Report Player" in battle report sometimes not shown.
11 - Man on Fire dog tag blurs/darkens name on Soldier's Premium Tag - https://i.imgur.com/q2MZiXt.jpg [i.imgur.com] (Shown in Multiplayer bugs as well).
12 - Battlelog forum not reflecting content the user owns/earned, i.e. China Rising, Pre-Ordered, Premium, etc.
13 - Duplicate servers within the list are common.
14 - The server info rectangle (right side) that shows ticket count and player number sometimes does not scroll with the browser or does not refresh when another server is clicked on. This sometimes results in joining the wrong server.

* * * CAMPAIGN BUGS * * *

Severe Campaign bug (though rare) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=q8yntl1pD28#t=424 [youtube.com]


These bugs are confirmed issues. They do not include suggestions, or disagreements to changes or balances.

Due to the outcry about netcode issues and crashing, the primary focus has overshadowed the effort of patching less dramatically impacting bugs - whilst this is understandable, many of these bugs continue to effect players who have more stable games and thus diminish the experience for those people.

Please pin this thread if possible. This is not to disrespect EA or DICE, this is a list of real bugs that effect us players and it is meant to be constructive feedback. Please may it serve as a list in which DICE may work from to help fix the PC version of BF4. Not all BF4 PC bugs are listed here, but these are some of the most common or prominent bugs within the game and/or on Battlelog.

I apologise for any duplicates and I'd appreciate it if the folks here could point out any bugs that have in fact been fixed, so that I may edit the list to reflect the changes.

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next bf4 patch
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