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 video card prices on the rise

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PostSubject: video card prices on the rise   Tue Dec 24, 2013 6:41 am

If anyone is looking to buy a new graphics card, you should probably wait a while i read an article in cpu magazine and apparently bitcoin values have gone up significantly causing more demand for graphics cards, and also higher prices. This coupled with the release of new games the last 2 months have driven some graphics cards up 40-50% over retail! Example radeon r-9 290x on release was $399 now over $630! Nvidia is the same way you could find a 780 for $500 now they are pushing $700, and the retailers are raising prices to make bank off the demand which is good if you are a retailer but bad if your a consumer. Wait it out a bit and the prices will go back down, bit coins are on the down fall now so it shouldnt be too long.

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video card prices on the rise
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