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 Star Citizen Explained

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PostSubject: Star Citizen Explained   Sun Jun 30, 2013 1:40 pm

Original Videos

Star Citizen - What is it?

Squadron 42 Full Cinematic Trailer (technology demo)

Star Citizen - Gameplay (GDC 2012)

Star Citizen - Immersion

Star Citizen - Physics

Star Citizen - Scale

Star Citizen - Finally Week Push (kickstarter campaign)

Star Citizen - Early Spaceport concept art to 3D environment test

Star Citizen - Early work in progress - AI Combat

WiP Star Citizen Male Character Range-of-Motion Test - 2013-04-08

Breathing New Life Into PC Games & Space Sims podcast - Chris Roberts - SxS

Star Citizen - The Freelancer conceptual model review session

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Location : Paris, Texas

PostSubject: LIVE STREAM VIDEOS FROM JUNE 28th 2013   Sun Jun 30, 2013 1:43 pm

300i Fighter - Directors cut

Star map Work in Progress

Cloud Imperium Games Roundtable Engineering

Cloud Imperium Games Roundtable Design

Cloud Imperium Games Roundtable Art pt 1

Cloud Imperium Games Roundtable Art pt 2

Inside Cloud Imperium Games . Making the Hangar . Forrest Stephan

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Location : Paris, Texas

PostSubject: SHIP VIDEOS   Sun Jun 30, 2013 2:19 pm

Star Citizen Hangar App Work in Progress (May 20th)

Star Citizen - Constellation's animation video from 24 hour stream

Star Citizen - BWC Exclusive Origin 300i Cockpit Tour!
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Age : 35
Location : Paris, Texas

PostSubject: Re: Star Citizen Explained   Sun Jun 30, 2013 2:21 pm

placeholder for future videoss
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Location : Paris, Texas

PostSubject: Stretch Goals   Mon Jul 01, 2013 4:42 pm

Stretch Goals
(Credit to directly from the Star Citizen Wiki webpage)
NEW ADDED PAGE https://robertsspaceindustries.com/funding-goals

- Everybody gets a robot!
- Backers will start with a Class I Repair Bot in their garage.

- RSI Idris Class Corvette.
- $1M on Kickstarter bonus - everyone gets 500 cr s!

- Additional base type: hidden smuggler asteroids.

- Origin M50
- Drake Interplanetary Caterpillar Armored Transport

- Extended hardcore flight sim controller support:
- Flight Chairs,
- multiple monitors,
- Track-IR,
- MFD (Multi Function Displays) and more on launch.

- Largest playable ship: Destroyer.
- Community Updates
- Star Citizens will get to play in the multiplayer dogfighting Alpha (12 months)
- Star Citizens will receive access to the Squadron 42 campaign (18 months)
- 30 missions

- Additional base type: Vanduul trading post.

- A new alien race: The Kr'Thak.
- An additional flyable ship, the Anvil Gladiator.

“One Small Step For Man…” (Stretch Goal 1)

$3+ million Pledged
- Increased Community Updates!
- Squadron 42
--  35 missions in Squadron 42
- Star Citizens will receive access to the Star Citizen universe for online persistent play (30 months).
--  Privateer-like gameplay
--  Multiple Star Systems to Explore – 40 star systems

$3M to $4M Pledged
- A new star system will be added to the game for every $100,000 pledged, with descriptions posted to the Comm-Link.

----$3.1M: Odin System
----$3.2M: Tyrol System
----$3.3M: Kellog System
----$3.4M: Goss System
----$3.5M: Orion System
----$3.6M: Ellis System
----$3.7M: Cathcart System
----$3.8M: Tal System
----$3.9M: Geddon System
----$4.0M: Chronos System

$3.25M Pledged
An additional starship in the finished game - MISC Starfarer.

$3.5M Pledged
- Cockpit decorations - Turn your stock cockpit into your home with personalized decorations; amaze your friends with bobbleheads, photographs, dinosaurs, fuzzy dice, nose art, posters and many more cool options!
- Ship boarding – learn more about how Star Citizen will allow players to conduct boarding operations.

$3.75M Pledged
- An additional starship in the finished game - Aegis Dynamics Retaliator.

“… A Tall Ship and a Star to Steer Her By” (Stretch Goal 2)

$4+ million Pledged
- Increased Community Updates!
--  Monthly Dev. Team Webcasts
- Creation of Professional Mod Tools provided free to players
- Squadron 42
--  Richer Storyline
--  45 missions in Squadron 42
- Star Citizen Persistent Universe
--  An additional flyable ship on launch - Drake Interplanetary Cutlass.
--  50 Star systems
- Enhanced boarding options
--  Melee and Heavy Weapons
--  Zero Gravity Simulation
--  Suit HUD Options
--  Outside-the-ship combat (magnetic boots on the hull; think Moonraker)
- Increased Customization

$4.5 Million
- 60 star systems to explore on launch
- Largest playable ship: Cruiser
- All Kickstarter goals unlocked

“Have Starship Will Travel…” (Stretch Goal 3)

$5+ million Pledged
- Tablet companion Application to check on your inventory, commission or find missions and get the galactic news feed
- Increased Community Updates!
--  Monthly Town Hall Meeting with Chris Roberts
- Squadron 42
--  Celebrity voice-acting for Squadron 42; we will bring back at least one favorite from Wing Commander!
--  50 Missions
- Star Citizen Persistent Universe
--  Star Citizen will match Privateer, with 70 star systems to explore on launch.
- New species
--  "home and namesake of a traveling species."[3]
- Additional base type: can you discover the alien derelict…

$5.5 Million
- Professional motion capture for the Squadron 42 cutscenes. It’s the next best thing to Mark Hamill and a green screen!
- Exclusive RECORD BREAKER ship skin and 1000 additional cr s on launch for all backers.
- Unlock the Bengal carrier as a playable ship in Star Citizen.

“To Infinity And Beyond…”

$6 Million+
- Star Citizen will improve on Privateer, with 100 star systems to explore on launch.
- Bengal carrier unlocked for persistent universe play.
- Full orchestral music for Star Citizen / Squadron 42 sound track.
- The first Squadron 42 mission disk, Behind Enemy Lines, available for free to all backers upon release. A 16-mission campaign in the style of The Secret Missions.

RSI Website Launch Stretch Goals

Cloud Imperium Games announced new stretch goals on the RSI website on April 26, 2013. Their aim is to reach these before the launch of the new RSI website, currently scheduled for late May 2013.[4]

$9 million
- If we can make it to $9 million in total pledges before the new site launches, we’ll go ahead and put a cool Roberts Space Industries Class II space suit in your closet, colored to match the new site! What’s more, every current pledger will get Lifetime Insurance! This will be your last opportunity to get LTI before the game launches.[4]

$10 million
- Our big goal before the website is $10 million. That’s a crazy amount of money, but we have a plan for it: $10 million would allow Cloud Imperium to build our own mocap studio rather than hiring out time from someone else. Renting mocap equipment and studio time is expensive: upwards of $35,000 a day, with four hours work for each 30-second segment. Having our own studio would cost more right now but will allow us to produce a lot more content for Star Citizen in the long run! We’ll provide more details very soon, but here’s one thought right now: it would even allow us to mocap a few lucky fans into the finished game![4]

$11 million
- Move Wingman out of the basement! Move CIG Austin to a larger facility that will support expanded development. More room for employees means more man hours spend developing the game.[5]
- New System Unlock: Tiber System[6]

$12 million
- Build professional sound studios. We’ll move Star Citizen’s sound production from a home office to high tech facilities that will give us access to cutting edge sound effects and Hollywood voice talent![5]
- Oculus Rift support for the Hangar Module.[5]

$13 million
- Additional flyable ship class: frigate[5]
- Command and Control Center – Supervise the battle from the deck of your Idris or Destroyer (class TBA) with advanced C&C packages that allow you to tie all of your ships together and assume central command from the 3rd seat.[5]

$14 million
- Hibernation Mode: for the explorers out there, we will add the ability to save and resume while you are out in space. When not in combat, power your ship down, hit the bunk, and exit the game safely until you can resume your journey.
- Professional-quality feature-length “Behind the Scenes of Star Citizen” documentary film.
- A fourth landout option on Earth! Where will it be? London? Berlin?

$15 million
- Additional flyable ship class: escort carrier
- The Upgrade Handbook: an extra 42-page manual that walks players through the process of customizing and overclocking their ship systems! (PDF free to all backers before $15 million)

$16 million
- Arena mode: The next generation of Wing Commander’s TrainSim allows pilots to test out their combat skills against friends or strangers in a simulation. Gain valuable combat experience without the downside of losing your ship in the game universe! Place bets on competitions across the galaxy.
- A laser pistol for every pledger before this point. Keep your ship safe from boarders with a pistol by your side.

$17 Million
- Every pledger who backs before $17 million will receive a ship upgrade package containing an engine modifier.
- Star Citizen will feature an additional flyable ship class, the battlecruiser.

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PostSubject: Re: Star Citizen Explained   Tue Nov 26, 2013 11:38 am

Wow!  How I missed this thread I have no idea. scratch 
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PostSubject: Re: Star Citizen Explained   Tue Nov 26, 2013 8:12 pm

They are almost to 33 million.

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PostSubject: Re: Star Citizen Explained   

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Star Citizen Explained
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