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 Ferris love you long time

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PostSubject: Ferris love you long time   Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:55 pm

Hey guys and gals my name is Ferris Bueller....you can call me Ferris Bueller-

below is my app- gracias

Please answer ALL of the following questions IN YOUR OWN THREAD, long answers welcomed:

1. In game name:FerrisBueller
2. Age:43
3. Tell us how you found us? dropped in server one day long ago and fell in love
4. What did you find most appealing about Strength & Honor? bunch of good people having fun- i enjoy my time with you all to get my mind of the typical busy life of job, work, etc.
5. What other gaming names have you had and what were they?Always been Ferris
6. Time you normally play?depends on my travel schedule, etc.
7. What experiences have you had with other clans/communities?been in a few clans since the original mohaa days. competed in my clan matches and tourneys.
8. Why did you leave your last clan/community? lack of common interest and some drama that i didnt want to partake in.
9. Would you be able to make at least one meeting a month? of course
10. Are you able to check the forums frequently to stay updated on current events?of course
11. Do you enjoy team play? If so what does it mean to you?i enjoy team play. i have only been sniper for months now so obvioulsy i dont spray and concentrate on kills vs concentrating on team play.
12. Do you cry or complain every time you die? no..but i do cry inside
13. Do you have a working mic for TeamSpeak?yes
14. Have you read and signed that you are willing to comply with our
15. Would you consider yourself a “talker”?yah sometimes i talk as much as a girl
16. Do you consider yourself a competitive or more laid back player? both depending on my mood
17. Do you have a job, or go to school?Job job...and job
18. Besides PC gaming, do you have any other real life hobbies?Boating, travel, snow skiing, golf...
19. Is there anything else about yourself that you feel we should know? i am a kind hearted guy that takes care of my friends and family if they ever need it.
20. Why should we make you part of our {S&H} family? i would be an asset and a positive member to the family- plus i am just real cool and neato

Please copy the questions above and click the link to fill out application [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and click "New Topic" Please start the topic title with your in game name.

We appreciate your application and interest in Strength & Honor.
And, we look forward to further acquaintances in Teamspeak.

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PostSubject: Re: Ferris love you long time   Mon Jan 07, 2013 3:02 pm

I love MOHAA! I played that for years! I got so good with the Springfield on the V2 rocket facility and Algiers. MOHAA is my favorite game. I wish that someone would remake it.

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Ferris love you long time
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