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 OK you techies out there!

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Location : Panama City Florida

PostSubject: OK you techies out there!   Fri Oct 01, 2010 6:10 am

OK guys, i've been doin alot of reading on different specs for a new tower and would like a lil input back on what you guys think would be better for for graphics and overall computing needs. Intel or AMD, i'm running the new Intel i7 right now with 6 gigs of cosair xms3 on a evga mobo, with a evga gtx 260 superclocked and windows 7 64 bit pro and haven't really had any problems. Now don't get me wrong i'm not trying to second guess myself on my build because i did alot of research on toms hardwear before i built mine, the only thing i wish i would have gotten for mine was a larger power supply, right now i'm running a cosair 850 which is good but only has 1 12v rail, guess i didnt look at it good enough just assumed that a p/s that big would have had at least 4. So there it is, thanks for the help, and btw try to keep budget in mind which i know is hard to do when building but i'm building this for a very good friend of mine.
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PostSubject: Re: OK you techies out there!   Fri Oct 01, 2010 9:29 am

depends... are you going to overclock? I too am looking at building a new PC and Tom's Hardware has the best for info. They just recently did a 400$, 1000$, and a 2000$ build with very interesting reviews and findings. Also look into the new i5 chips that just came out, it seems they are great for overclocking. I was first wanting the AMD six core, but the intel quads are still kicking AMD's ass performance-wise, heck even the i7-860 is still better. I have always been an AMD man, but I will probably change that with my next PC. I won't be getting it until January and alot can happen between now and then.

More info needed would be price range? besides gaming what else would the PC be used for?

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PostSubject: Re: OK you techies out there!   Sat Oct 02, 2010 5:34 am

Antec 900
i7-920 over-clocked to 4ghz
6GB triple channeled mem
giga x58a-ud3r
2x 4870 in crossfire
Corsair 850W
Samsung 24" 1920x1200
Logitech G9x

I trusted Toms for all my choices... I began with Asrock x58 extreme (best buy 2009)... but it refused to boot sometimes... went with the giga (best buy 2010)... but it doesn't work well with crossfire...

Larger than 850W is probably unnecessary. But I would probably go with a modular power supply next...

Thats kinda what I think...

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PostSubject: Re: OK you techies out there!   

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OK you techies out there!
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