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 Shinjitama's Application Completed

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PostSubject: Shinjitama's Application Completed   Thu Sep 06, 2012 8:31 pm

1. In game name: Shinjitama

2. Age: 29 and going

3. Tell us how you found us? Actually started first playing with yall in Call of Duty Black Ops with TX_Skyraider, as well as on Battlefield: Bad Company 2

4. What did you find most appealing about Strength & Honor? The decency whether it be friendly banter and prodding or mutual help and respect that many show, as well as accountability on ones actions, more than just "don't do this don't do that"... more to this is right this is wrong, but also how much right is this how much wrong is that...

5. What other gaming names have you had and what were they? back in the day of Diablo 2 and early WoW I used Miikuru... had to change it. Tribes 1&2 I played under ^SainT^ with the gaming clan Shattered Star Confederation, I retired that name when I retired from that clan. I came up with Shinjitama in March of 2004 and been using it ever sense.

6. Time you normally play? since 2008 I work Full time generally 6 on 3 off from noon to midnight, I can be found playing any time between 8am-12noon and Midnight-3or4am on my work days... as far as my days off, if I'm not doing laundry, yardwork, or any work around the house then I can be found online.

7. What experiences have you had with other clans/communities?
1998-2002 Shattered Star Confederation(Freespace 2, Tribes 1&2) was a general member, still feel they are family to me even though we rarely speak.
2002-2006 "Paris LANS" and Personal Lan Parties - Paris, TX (BF1942, Jedi Knight, Jedi Academy), as well as 3 years went to Quakecon - Realised... I love the gaming community...
2005-2006 Battlefield 2 Only at personal Lan Parties stopped playing FPS until about 2 years later when i went to DSL... I loved Lan Parties due to the Personal Touch that one got with them
2005-2007 Forgotten Legacy(World of Warcraft) was a paladin class leader following the retirement of the previous leader(about late 05) Got my first taste of Hardcore ELITEST gaming... liked being the best of the best, but not act the expense of comradery... clan fell apart shortly after a sever transfer and the launch of Burning Crusade... I also hung up my hardcore ELITEST gaming after that.
late 2007-2009 Combat Arms (Various clans, one was absorbed into another and another and another(about 4 times) still keep in touch with a few of my clan mates of old through Facebook)
2010-2012 Battlefield Bad Company 2, Black Ops... Played with 509th mostly some in Black Ops as well as S&H on both games... pretty much burned out on BBC2 but once BF3 came out... I never looked back, but did find S&H Servers.

8. Why did you leave your last clan/community? Most were from their own internal troubles and tribulations that eventually either lead to splits or dissolving, Never joined 509th, was in Shattered Star Confederation(to which split and SSC went defunct while SSX(shattered star exiles) is still around, Forgotten Legacy completely went defunct so here I am...

9. Would you be able to make at least one meeting a month? Only depends on my work schedule and family... I work 6 days on 3 days off, so my schedule is rotating, as I leave for work around noon and get home around midnight. If meetings are weekly I can guarantee I can show at least once maybe twice.

10. Are you able to check the forums frequently to stay updated on current events? yes I can.

11. Do you enjoy team play? If so what does it mean to you? I don't care about my score, I don't care about my kill count, I don't care what my KDR is.... I care if my guys win or loose... if the team isn't working towards the win... then It's not a team and is just a mosh pit... and by general feeling... if your not winning your not having fun... doesn't mean I can't stand loosing, you learn just as much loosing as you do winning. Its part of the reasoning I do NOT like Deathmatch game play or even team deathmatch... tends to not be as... cooperative...

12. Do you cry or complain every time you die? I would lie if I said no... but QQ... no(get frustrated at times SURE do.. I'm human, when your that down and out... best to step away for a few or change up tactics), having moderated extensively in Combat Arms as well as in Black Ops and back in Modern Warfare 2, I'm pretty quick to judge whether I view if a player is legitimate, or if I feel that they are shady. But I tend to mention it about 3-4 times and if no response or action is taken I leave the subject be due to no point of crying if there is nothing that can be done, if something can be done, get the information to the right people then leave the subject alone, let them deal with it, if there is additional info then pass that but else... don't beat the dead horse.

13. Do you have a working mic for TeamSpeak? Yup yall keep mixing me up with Wildman LOL

14. Have you read and are willing to comply with our Arrow Code of Conduct? Yes

15. Would you consider yourself a “talker”? .... ehh I tend to ramble if its a subject I like, so I'd say sometimes. But sometimes one must listen too

16. Do you consider yourself a competitive or more laid back player? Laid back, oh I friendly banter but I'm by no means hardcore...

17. Do you have a job, or go to school? both I work Full time and attend College this semester (fall 2012) on both Tuesdays and Thursday before work

18. Besides PC gaming, do you have any other real life hobbies? Target Shooting, PC hardware, Networking, I like to build things.... movies... music, driving... not much else

19. Is there anything else about yourself that you feel we should know? Not that i can think of off hand..... I'm Texan Razz
Not going to say I do not swear, I try to keep my mouth clean more and more the older I get... but not going to say I don't slip up at times, can only try though

20. Why should we make you part of our {S&H} family? I've always been one for the comradery side of clans, One doesn't have to be the best if he's with friends because then you are all the best... but you are at worst when your alone... its our differences that bring us together to be our best... I feel like to me you are all friends, whether I join or not that's my view.
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PostSubject: Re: Shinjitama's Application Completed   Fri Sep 07, 2012 6:31 am

bout time

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"Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But the
U.S. ARMED FORCES don't have that problem." ...Ronald Reagan
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PostSubject: Re: Shinjitama's Application Completed   Fri Sep 07, 2012 9:55 am

SgtScott wrote:
bout time
What he said.. Rolling Eyes

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PostSubject: Re: Shinjitama's Application Completed   

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Shinjitama's Application Completed
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