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 carl sagan banned

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Join date : 2012-01-16

PostSubject: carl sagan banned   Mon Jan 16, 2012 9:40 pm

so i was kicked and banned from your air map server tonight because of what? because i had a high score due to the attack heli? it's very easy to get a high k/d with the chopper using thermal. besides, if you're going to ban someone due to skill, ban the pilot that is allowing me to do that. it takes an extremely good pilot to allow me to get good k/d ratios. crappy pilot, and i won't get a single kill. i've even had ironman420 come onto my vent and talk with me and my buddy. he even said i wasn't hacking, but i was a chopper whore. i like the chopper, thats what i do, and if you look at my stats, which, clearly you didn't, else i wouldn't have been banned, you would've noticed my amazing 1.49 k/d ratio, but clearly, i'm hacking. it's the knee jerk reaction among kids, (whoever banned me, i'm not calling you a kid fyi) which leads to everyone else crying wolf, and the chain reaction leads to a ban, all because some cry baby couldn't lose due to the attack chopper.

carl sagan.

also, i play in your server a fair bit, recently i've been playing metro, but i was on your server almost daily before the holidays and there was never a word, so why now? i'd really like an apology, because i did not deserve a ban for being half decent, and an unbanning.
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Age : 37
Location : Texas

PostSubject: Re: carl sagan banned   Mon Jan 16, 2012 10:03 pm

Before you put your foot any further into your mouth I would just like to let you know that you were not banned because of your "high score". You were banned because of your severe and repeated spawn base rapes and after several warnings to stop.

The banning admin will comment on this soon. Until then read our Code of Conduct


I shall wear my heart on my sleeve and bleed death all around me.
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Posts : 2
Join date : 2012-01-16

PostSubject: Re: carl sagan banned   Mon Jan 16, 2012 10:21 pm

i wasn't base raping, the pilot, somer was over it. i told him in team chat that i wouldn't spawn rape. and i didn't. i didn't shoot at all. i don't agree with spawn camping uncaps, thats why i play on your server. now, for the reason he did it, i can't say, i'm not him. but my guess would be the previous 10 minutes before that when the rus little bird was camping off our carrier and shooting planes and heli's. a few americans were complaining about it and nothing happened. for the record, i don't condone spawn raping, and doing it because he did it, i don't agree with either. if you viewed the logs, you'd see.

and for the hacking stuff in my previous post, people were calling me hax, a few actually, so i put 2 and 2 together, because thats usually how it usually happens. you get banned for someone thinking your hacking. i did put my foot in my mouth and i'm sorry about, but i was pretty upset, considering i just got banned for doing nothing.
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PostSubject: Re: carl sagan banned   Mon Jan 16, 2012 11:50 pm

We have two admins that say different. We will review this ban and make a determination at the next admin meeting.

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Location : ILLINOIS

PostSubject: Re: carl sagan banned   Tue Jan 17, 2012 5:11 am

Ironman wrote:
We have two admins that say different.
After repeated complaints from public who frequent our servers,
scrolling messages, and warnings issued as witnessed by 2 Admins
it doesn't look good for CARL SAGAN or FIREMARSHALL BILL.
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PostSubject: Re: carl sagan banned   

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carl sagan banned
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